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eCLIPSe is a revolutionary new blood pressure monitor that solves your problems. 
The usual wearable blood pressure monitors are too big, uncomfortable, and disruptive. 
Too often, you need to go to specialty clinics to pick them up and take them back. 
And far too often, you can’t measure your blood pressure when and where you want. 
The eclipse is a small blood pressure monitor that is on all the time or just when you need it. It fits comfortably on the ear and sends your blood pressure to your smartphone or home helpers like Alexa.

What can you use it for? Lots!

  • You can use it if you and your doctor aren’t sure if you have hypertension.

  • You can use it to monitor your health if you need to take several kinds of medications to treat your hypertension.

  • You can use it when you have symptoms that you just aren’t sure about and want to check your blood pressure.

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