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Funding History

NCE Commercialization Grant 2018-2021.


Libin Cardiovascular Institute Grant 2018-2021.


Networks of Centres of Excellence (Cardiac Arrhythmia Network) Commercialization Grant 2020-2021.


Alberta Innovates Summer Research Studentship 2018


Canadian Arrhythmia Network Summer Studentship 2019


Alberta Innovates Summer Research Studentship 2020


Alberta Innovates Microvoucher 2020-2021.


Alberta Innovates Innovation Relief and Recovery Program 2020-2021.


Libin Cardiovascular Institute Summer Research Studentship 2021


Alberta Innovates Voucher Program 2021-2023.


Alberta Innovates Accelerating Innovations into CarE Programme 2021-2023.

Libin Cardiovascular Institute Grant 2021-2023.


National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program, 2021-2023

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